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Couts Methodist Church


The Parker County Ministerial Alliance formed a localKids Against Hunger

unit of Kids Against Hunger In 2009.  In October 2009 a

group of people from a number of churches gathered to

fill the bags.  A second such event was held December 19th, 2009. 

A total of 6 pallets or 7,128 bags were packed. That was enough food

to feed 117 children for one year.  This food was shipped to

Ruinosa, Mexico.  The second packing event provided food for

children in Honduras. Similar events were held at Northside Baptist,

1st United Methodist Church in Weatherford, All Saints Episcopal Church,

1st Presbyterian Church in Weatherford and at the High School in

Poolville, Texas.


The mission of Kids Against Hunger, a humanitarian food-aid

organization, is to significantly reduce the number of hungry children

in the USA and to feed starving children throughout the world.

Kids AgainstHunger is not affiliated with or restricted to a particular

religious group and does not discriminate on any basis when

distributing its meals. Some of the organization’s volunteers

and affiliates are driven by their love of God and helping to feed

all of His children, but all religions and non-religious groups are

welcome to volunteer, donate, and help in any way.

The organization’s approach to achieving its goal - the eradication

of world hunger - includes the packaging of a highly nutritious,

vitamin-fortified soy-rice casserole by volunteers at numerous

locations within the USA and Canada, and the distribution of those

meals to starving children and their families in over 60 countries

through partnerships with humanitarian organizations worldwide.

In 2008 alone, volunteers at Kids Against Hunger’s food packaging

centers across the USA packaged over 40 million meals for

children and their families around the world and around the corner.

The Kids Against Hunger food packaging network consists of the

organization’s International Headquarters office located in New Hope,

MN (a suburb of Minneapolis), a Division in Mankato, MN, and close to 70

independent non-profit food packaging "satellites" across the U.S. and

Canada. Kids Against Hunger was incorporated in 1999, but the

organization’s founder, Richard Proudfit, has been involved with

various hunger relief projects for over thirty years. Kids Against Hunger

is a nonprofit organization recognized by the IRS for tax-deductible

donations under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal

Revenue Code.

It is the vision of Richard Proudfit and Kids Against Hunger:

  • To continue setting up food packaging satellites in each state of the USA.

  • To spearhead community and youth volunteer packaging of Kids Against Hunger’s highly nutritious meals.

  • To deliver Kids Against Hunger’s food in the USA and worldwide through partnerships with other humanitarian organization